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Minimizing Risks At Work Functions

Author: Nerea Huidobro
November 2017

With only a few weeks until work Christmas functions begin, it’s a good time to revisit your obligations as an employer and/or manager. Whether it’s a staff Christmas function, or a work related function, there are steps managers can put in place to minimise the risks associated with end of year celebrations.

Employees are often excited by the approaching Christmas break. Social work functions are a great way to celebrate the end of year but also increase the chance of inappropriate workplace behaviours surfacing.

Managing Employee Behaviours and Performance

Author: Nerea Huidobro
October 2017

One of the keys to managing employee behaviours and underperformance is to effectively communicate concerns and expectations, and to act promptly as situations arise.

Managers need to be able to determine why a team member is not meeting behaviour or performance expectations. They might be experiencing personal problems that are impacting on them at work. They might lack the skills required to do their job competently, or they might have an unmanageable workload. In some instances employees may not have been provided with clear goals or role expectations. As a Manager you need to provide guidance and feedback. There are many factors that can lead to poor performance or unacceptable behaviour at work.