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Nerea Huidobro
HR Business Partner
PO Box 73, The Patch VIC 3792
0417 582 036
NH Consulting | Compliance
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Are you at risk?

  • Are your HR policies and procedures up to date?
  • Are you engaging employees in the correct way?
  • Do you understand the Modern Awards and your responsibilities as an employer?
  • Are your staff trained on acceptable workplace behaviour and do you know how to identify and react to instances of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment?

We can assist in ensuring your HR practices are compliant by providing:

  • Tailored HR policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring your employment contracts meet the National Employment Standards and are legally compliant.
  • Support and interpretation of Modern Awards relevant to your business.
  • Up-skilling your managers and training staff on acceptable workplace behaviours and business code of conduct.