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Are you at risk?

  • Are your HR policies and procedures up to date?
  • Are you engaging employees in the correct way?
  • Do you understand the Modern Awards and your responsibilities as an employer?
  • Are your staff trained on acceptable workplace behaviour and do you know how to identify and react to instances of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment?

We can assist in ensuring your HR practices are compliant by providing:

  • Tailored HR policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring your employment contracts meet the National Employment Standards and are legally compliant.
  • Support and interpretation of Modern Awards relevant to your business.
  • Up-skilling your managers and training staff on acceptable workplace behaviours and business code of conduct.

Performance Management

  • How do I manage an employee who is not meeting the requirements of their role?
  • How do I manage an employee whose behaviour is not aligned to the business?
  • What avenues do I have as an employer when managing performance issues?
  • How do I better equip Managers to deal with performance issues?

We can develop tools for Managers to use and provide training to Managers on managing poor performance. In addition, we can also manage the process for you to minimise the risk and ensure best practice and compliance.

Performance Appraisals

  • How can I improve employee performance?
  • What performance appraisal or review process should I follow?
  • How do I train my Managers and employees on the process?

We will tailor a performance appraisal process that meets your business requirements. There is not a one all fits appraisal process, so it’s important to implement the right performance appraisal for your business.

Performance appraisals are an effective way to manage and drive performance and can also assist with employee engagement, productivity and business alignment.

Award Interpretation

  • What is a Modern Award?
  • How do I determine which one applies to my employees?

Modern Awards apply to most employees and employers are required to ensure their employees are paid at the correct rate and receive all applicable entitlements under the relevant Award.

We can assist with Award interpretation and provide advice to ensure compliance.

Grievance and Complaint Management

From time to time situations may arise in the workplace where a grievance or complaint is received by an employee.

  • Do you have a well written policy which provides details on the process?
  • Do your Managers know how to manage the process?
  • Do you know how to encourage an informal resolution?

We can assist you in developing a resolution process to effectively manage the grievance and complaints and also provide training to Managers to ensure compliance and best practice.

Equal Employment Opportunity

  • What does Equal Employment Opportunity mean?
  • What does bullying, harassment and discrimination mean?
  • What is my obligation as as an employer?

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) training and how to manage issues that arise from EEO is important.  Managers need to be trained on how to manage EEO issues as they arise, and must be equipped to manage the process professionally.

We can deliver EEO training to teams to ensure understanding of EEO and the legal requirements for both employers and employees. We offer support to managers and employees and develop an EEO policy to ensure compliance and coverage of what bullying, harassment and discrimination means in the workplace.

Employment Contracts

  • Do I need to issue an employment contract to new employees?
  • What do I need to include in an employment contract?
  • Can I change an employee’s contract without consultation?

Ensuring the way businesses engage new employees is important. Equally important is the employment contract. We can tailor employment contracts to meet your business requirements and ensure compliance with the National Employment Standards and legal requirements.

Job Descriptions

  • Do I need to issue employees with a position description?
  • What do I need to include in the position description?

A Position Description is an important document which clarifies the responsibilities of each role within the business. Having well written job descriptions means that employees know what is expected of them and provides Managers with tools to evaluate their staff.

Providing employees with an up to date and well written Position description is part of good management and business practice. We can tailor Job Descriptions for roles within your business.

HR Policies & Procedures

  • Are our workplace policies and procedures compliant?
  • Do I need to train employees on company policies?

HR Policies and procedures play a significant role in the success of any business. Having up to date clearly written compliant policies which meet the National Employment Standards and are aligned to the Fair Work Act help to establish and maintain consistent workplace practices. They provide guidelines for employees regarding their rights and responsibilities as well as guidelines for managers when managing their teams.

We ensure that your policies and procedures meet your business needs whilst at the same time meet legislative requirements.  Education sessions are also provided to all clients to ensure the successful integration and understanding of any workplace policies introduced.

Common Employee Scenarios

  • How do I manage poor staff performance?
  • How do I improve employee productivity?
  • What are performance reviews?
  • How do I better manage my employees?
  • What do I do if receive a complaint from an employee?
  • What do I do if an employee resigns?

We can assist by:

  • Training Managers on the correct way to manage poor performance.
  • Reducing the risk of unfair dismissal.
  • Preventing and responding to workplace bullying
  • Preventing and responding to harassment and sexual harassment
  • Developing tailored performance review processes for your business
  • Managing the complaints process.

Ongoing HR Support

We provide HR support and advice to clients which allows each business to access HR support as it is required. Employee related issues can take up a lot of time and require HR expertise. We partner with every client by providing outsourced professional HR services which provides the reassurance of having a HR business partner available when issues arise that require solutions in a timely manner.

Ongoing HR support means that managers can have the reassurance of having a HR business partner available to them when issues arise that require solutions in a timely manner.